Shipping & Returns GmbH

Shipping + Returns

Issued 01. February 2019, replaces previous issues.

1. Order Handling and Expected Shipping Times

We will make every attempt to ship out your order as soon as possible, usually within one week after receipt of payment.

NOTE: Shipping times are contingent upon product availability and carrier turnaround time (carrier selected by GmbH). If the carrier requires additional information from you, we will need to reach you immediately. Therefore, please make sure your order contains an email address that you check regularly.

2. Shipping Policies

The carrier is selected by GmbH, usually regular post, uninsured. Should you require other carriers, please specify, additional charges at your costs may apply.

3. Tracking Your Shipment

Not possible when shipped the regular way, special registered mail upon your request and at your cost. Please notify us if you have not recieved your shipment within 21 days after the payment of your order.

4. Exchanges/Returns

4.1. Printed Matter, .pdf Files

Generally, no return, refund or exchange of the printed matter and .pdf data you ordered is possible.

4.1.1 Shipment Refusal

If your shipment arrives at the "ship to" destination and is being refused, we will contact you to verify the address and notify you of when a second delivery attempt will be made. If we cannot reach you within one week, your order will be cancelled. No refund of paid amount is possible.

4.1.2. Wrong item or quantity shipped

If we make an error with your order, please notify us right away (within 7 days of receiving your shipment). We will remedy the mistake with the correct product. In the rare circumstance where the product is no longer available, we will help you select an alternative or credit your account.

4.1.3. Damaged in shipping

If your shipment was damaged in transit, we will gladly send you a replacement. In the unlikely event that an exact replacement is unavailable, we will offer an alternative product with similar features. If you do not want the alternative product, we will gladly give you a refund for your original purchase when we receive the return of your original product.

4.2. Events

            After registration, the respective admission is due in full, no refunds.

Paid admissions are non-refundable unless the conference is being cancelled for whatever reason. In this case, 90% will be refunded.