Drymix Mortar Yearbook 2019


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Expert Articles on drymix mortar topics; Published on Occasion of  The 7th International Drymix Mortar Conference idmmc7, on March 18, 2019 in Nürnberg,Germany. It will accompany all, MEDMA or SEADMA events in 2019.

ISBN 978-3-9816240-8-3

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Content: BTW Plant Solutions on Modular Mixing Plants | Dr. M. Monz, S. Mickmann of Poraver on Insulation Renders | Valérie Audiau of Actemium on Turnkey Mortar Plants | Dr. R. Zurbriggen et al of Akzo Nobel/Elotex on Tg and MFFT | BHS Sonthofen on Twin Shaft Mortar Mixers | M. Monaco and Dr. S. Carrà on Chemometrics in Mortar Development | IBAU Hamburg and Haver & Boecker on their Sunstate Cement Australia Project