8th International Drymix Mortar Conference idmmc8 , HyDry service admission


Product Description:

8th International Drymix Mortar Conference, idmmc 8, München, 4th October 2021, HyDry service admission

Unfortunately, we had a lot of friends that regretfully had to cancel or could not come to Munich due to the current pandemic.

For these drymix mortar experts, we will arrange our HyDry service (Hy = hybrid, Dry = we will stream the entire program of idmmc8 live on a designated YouTube channel. This is a singular live stream from 9:00 to 16:20 Munich time, not interactive (no chats, sorry) and it will not be repeated. The viewing link is available (only online booking) for 59,50 Euro (incl. 19% German VAT= 9,50 €)  per person. 

Please enquire with us for further information.

Please note: Existing registrations for idmmc8 in Munich can not be converted into HyDry service participation.


59,50 € incl. tax, excl. shipping
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The 8th International Drymix Mortar Conference idmmc8 takes place physically in Munich on 4. October 2021!.